dimanche 11 août 2013

Cardiovascular Disease Come On Suddenly?

Cardiovascular Disease Come On Suddenly?
Controling Cadiovasular Disease
Over the last century,people worldwide has had to go througha burgeoning problem impacting millions of lives. Heart Disease in the form of 'Occlusive Cardiovascular Disease', which is also known as 'Atherosclerosis' or artery blockage is impacting more young people than ever before from generation to generation. This illness results in almost all of our heart attacks, strokes and expensive doctor’s bills. Up to today it still is the major reason of demise by illnesses in the modernworld.
Medical intervention of choice continues to be the lowering of cholesteroldrugs (statin drugs). Collectively add the prescriptions for pains in the chest high blood pressure, blood thinners, calcium beta-blockers, triglyceride etc. and you have a poisonous mix of medicines consumed by many people with little or nothing to show for their deligent consumption.
A nobel prize winning biochemist Dr Linus Pauling two-time unshared Nobel Prize Laureate, and receiver of numerous degrees is recognised by a great amount of his contemporaries as one of the world's most amazing scientific minds of the last century. During the last interview by,the British journal of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition he spoke these prophetic words:
"I think I know what the answer is... we can get almost COMPLETE CONTROL of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes by the proper use of this therapy ...even cure it." - Linus Pauling (1992)
The cure he discussed was made after many,many years of much clinical and scientific study and trials and brought to the public after many issues of his discoveries (1990 and 1991) for the reversal of Heart Disease Add this to his 1989 'Unified Theory" of coronary heart disease and we have an efficient | way of getting rid of the vast majority of suffering caused by this main disease of our modern times.

CardioflexQ 10 is a proprietory mix of important vitamins and amino acids(proteins)consumed every day as a great natural help to to upkeep heart health establish cholesterol balance, and reduce CRP (C-reactive protein). This formula is based on the research of Dr Linus Pauling and Dr Matthias Rath. Great tasting wild berry flavor, just mix with juice or water.
Cardioflex will help to:
• Make the heart strong
• Get rid of plaque in the arteries
• Reduce chest pain
• Relieve blood clots heart failure or stroke
• Increase muscle strength especially that of the heart
• Help to get rid of fats in the blood like cholesterol
• Reduce homocysteine levels
• Slows aging by its anti oxidant effects
• Strengthens immunity against all diseases
• get rid of tension and enhances circulation
• No side effects and non existent herbal stimulants
• great for diabetics

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