mardi 20 août 2013

Holidays in Skopelos
Holidays in Skopelos
It is stated that Skopelos may be the greenest of all of the numerous islands of Greece and when you've spent a little time discovering this wonderful place it is a challenging claim to refute. With 5 million pines, 50,000 olive trees and just 5000 occupants it's a location where the organic world rules and the high temperature of the beaches is surrounded by the cool of the woodlands.

There's also many wide leaf trees to appear with fairly sweet chestnuts, walnuts and oak trees and the island continues to be legendary for the manufacture of plums that have been dried in the numerous plum ovens that induce one of the numerous design features seen all through Skopelos.

The 2 villages of the island - Skopelos and Glossa - are also of great interest their stunning houses with tiled roofs, vibrant shutters and balconies overgrown thin alleyways winding up the hillsides they're located on creating a attractive but real atmosphere in which to possess a house. Skopelos town is the capital of the island and it has all of the modern day services you might require but roaming up from the mulberry tree lined harbour entrance, through the myriad of roads, passed the numerous little chapels, to the medieval fortress you could be in most of the previous centuries.

Skopelos is a mostly unspoilt island, that has avoided the problems of mass tourism but includes a good mix of international visitors and locals with Greek vacationers and the local populace.

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